WINNER OF BATH GOOD FOOD AWARDS 2012, 2013 (Best Sandwich)AND 2013 (Best Pie), BRITAIN'S INDEPENDENT SANDWICH BAR OF THE YEAR 2011, Sandwich Designer of the Year 2015


About our coffee

squarerootAll of our coffee is ethically sourced from very well respected importers who travel the full journey of the green bean and provide full documentation to authenticate the coffee meaning that a premium is paid for the coffee, which gets fully passed on to the farms and estates, helping support and develop their infrastructure. We visit these importers and extensively cup the coffees to find the perfect brew for you. .


macchiato (espresso macchiato) espresso with a dash of milk so that the espresso is 'stained'

latte -  espresso with milk (wet foam about 1cm deep)

flat white - double ristretto with milk and a micro foam finish (about 0.5cm deep)

ristretto - half of an espresso

long black (americano) - double espresso onto hot water

capuccino - espresso with a thick foam - smooth, glossy foam about 3cm deep

mocha - espresso with a dash of liquid chocolate, milk and latte foam